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Have you endured a chest injury in Swindon? If you’re not at fault, and someone is to blame, you could stand to receive a large compensation pay-out for your pain and suffering. The chest is a seriously important area of the body, and an injury to it can prove lethal, if not lead to complications for your health. It’s because of this that you’ll require an expert team of personal injury solicitors** in your corner. We’ll push to get you the highest level of compensation obtainable for your accident on a no win no fee* basis.

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Chest Injury – Typical Causes

Whilst chest injuries can occur from innumerable types of accidents, those that you’re not at fault for are limited in number. This is because you are owed a duty of care by your employer, other road users, and businesses whose premises you are on in Swindon. When an accident happens, and you suffer a chest injury as a result, the party at fault has acted negligently. They will need to be held accountable.

Chest Injury – Accidents at Work in Swindon

Accidents at work are a common way of sustaining personal injuries in Swindon, but a chest injury is still a rare thing to happen. In these cases, your employer must have acted negligently. Serious lapses in health and safety are – crushing from falling objects, striking moving machinery, falling from heights, colliding with a work vehicle. Any of these workplace accidents have a strong chance of awarding the injured party compensation.

Injuries to the Chest in Swindon‘s Public Places

You deserve to feel safe when visiting businesses in Swindon. This is why companies have a duty of care to your health and safety when you visit their premises. Most of the time, injuries in public places tend to be caused by slip, trip and fall accidents, where such injuries aren’t commonly resulting in chest injury. However, collapsing displays and storage can crush patrons – causing significant injury.

Injuries to the Chest from Road Traffic Accidents in Swindon

Chest Injuries aren’t usually an isolated area for damage to occur in a road traffic accident. A number of different parts of our body, such as our necks, are prone to injury in car accidents. Chest injuries are no different, especially where seatbelts are concerned. But in the event of motorcycle crashes, pedestrian knockdowns, or bicycle accidents, there is very little protecting the exposed areas of the body – the chest being one of them. This can lead to serious injury, and even death.

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Howsoever your chest has become injured, if you weren’t at fault, we can help you claim compensation. Our team of Swindon personal injury specialists provide your claim assessment free of charge, so you know whether your case has merit, and what you can expect to gain. Call now on 01793 351 100^.

Chest Injury – the Different Types

There’s no two ways about it, chest injuries can be easily fatal. A broken rib can cause organs to be punctured, damage to lungs causes issues with breathing. And given the fact they are internal organs, rapid medical assistance may be difficult, if not impossible. This is why our Swindon accident claim solicitors** take any and all chest injuries very seriously.

When it comes to personal injury claims, industrial diseases that cause you harm are considered as “injuries.” Such exposure to dangerous substances, like Asbestos, can cause deadly diseases to develop, like Mesothelioma. Occupational diseases that can affect the chest area are COPD, asthma, and Asbestos-related diseases, to name a few. In these instances, your employer may be liable for your deteriorating health.

No matter how your chest has been injured, if someone else is to blame, you could be due compensation. Contact our Swindon personal injury team to get a free claim assessment. We’ll evaluate your case, and any long terms conditions your chest injury could develop, and give you an accurate estimate for your damages. Call our friendly team on 01793 351 100^ today.

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Chest Injury – Making a Claim in Swindon

Making a personal injury claim with us is a simple case of picking up the phone. Our team will help you establish who’s at fault and how much compensation your chest injuries warrant. We’ll guide you through all the steps, such as acquiring medical records and establishing witnesses, to secure the highest compensation award possible for your chest injuries.

Do bear in mind that most personal injury claims have a limitation imposed by the UK courts of 3 years. It is your responsibility to being claims beforehand to avoid losing your right to compensation.

No Win, No Fee Compensation for Chest Injuries

We’ll help make your situation even less stressful by providing our personal injury claim services on a no win, no fee* basis. This means you’re not going to incur costs if your case fails. We want all people in Swindon to have equal access to justice, and by having no up-front costs, we can provide that for you.

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