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If you have been injured in an accident at work, claim with Accident Claims Swindon — your accident at work claims specialists. We can help you get the compensation that you deserve for your accident — on a no win, no fee* basis. Workplaces must be considered as a safe location to work, however, accidents can and do take place, often resulting in injury to employees.

If an accident could have been avoided if the company had carried out the best preventative measures, then you might be entitled to payment for your workplace accident.

Types of workplace accident claims

A few of the kinds of personal injuries that accidents at work claims we assist with at Accident Claims Swindon are:

Time limits to claim

There is a strict time frame of three years in which to make a workplace accident claim. So if you think you have been hurt at work due to carelessness from your company — also known as employer negligence — please contact us as quickly as you can.

Why contact Accident Claims Swindon for your workplace accident claim?

At Accident Claims Swindon, we are experts in personal injury claims and have a devoted team who handle workplace accident claims. With our experience and understanding of work environment policies and accident claims, we can help you claim what you deserve. Accidents at work are often caused by:

  • Tripping over loose wires
  • Falling due to a slippery compound
  • Back injuries due to heavy lifting of boxes
  • Electric shocks from defective wires

Companies are accountable for safety in the workplace and where they have been irresponsible or negligent, they may be lawfully responsible to compensate their employees for injury and losses.

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